Professional Indemnity

The modern professional that offers services like design, preparation or supervision of building projects, faces liability issues arising from wrong decisions, miscommunication, miscalculations, lax supervision, or breach of professional ethics.

Errors and omissions are human weaknesses and apply to even the most conscientious professional. The modern professional needs to have substantial legal and financial protection to proceed unobstructed to his/her business activity.

The contemporary socio-economic developments, modernization of professional services, the development of technological means, require the Professional Indemnity Insurance as the most reliable guarantee of the provided services.

The Professional Indemnity Insurance protects the seller from financial loss as a result of its legal liability to third parties for professional misconduct as a result of negligence, error or omission in the design, supervision or monitoring of projects.

Kentriki Insurance Company Ltd aims to provide high quality insurance services, ensuring partnerships with leading reinsurance organizations in Europe that guarantee flexibility, speed and responsiveness to customer requirements by providing reliable and professional insurance coverage programs.

Addressed at both individuals and professional groups and associations, offering advice based on quality, reliability, excellent service and ongoing support.

The professional sectors for which we offer professional liability insurance are:

  1. Civil Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.
  2. Mechanical and Electrical engineers.
  3. Quantity Surveyors.
  4. Estate Agents.
  5. Lawyers, Legal Advisers.
  6. Accountants – Auditors.
  7. Pharmacists.
  8. Dentists.
  9. Pathologist.

The professional liability insurance is on an annual basis or per project and the premium is calculated according to the gross annual income, services offered, the type and size of the project, the amount of liability and it covers claims or incidents occurring and reported within the Period of Insurance or after the date of retroactive coverage mentioned in the policy.

Our insurance advisor has the experience and knowledge to study the individual needs of the insured, to adjust the insurance coverage to the specific client’s situation, propose integrated and affordable solutions and be close to customers at any time it is required with consistency and responsibility.

Kentriki Insurance Company Ltd Customer Service and its network of associates all over Cyprus are at your disposal to provide you with more details.

© 2020 Copyright // Kentriki Insurance. All rights reserved.
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© 2020 Copyright // Kentriki Insurance. All rights reserved.
Handcrafted and developed by Brain Cube Communications.